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My Malinuts

Current Residents

RATCH ResQ's Hunt For Red October RI TKN

Pingaling, Ping Pong, Pinky

Ping "Ping" joined me in October of 2010. She is an endlessly cheerful, active, silly brute of a girl who loves anything that involves brain or brawn, preferably both. Ping is red fawn in color with a decent mask and moderate charbonnage. For more information, check out Ping's Page.

Made in USABorn: 5-30-2010

Source: Rescue


Past Residents

Carousel's Gold Stryke CD RE PT HSAs OA OAJ OF NAP RATM CGC

S, Strike, Tricky

Stryker: Carousel's Gold Stryke "Stryker" joined me in December of 2007 from Catherine Shields of Carousel Malinois in Woodburn, Oregon. He is a happy, funny guy who loved agility, barn hunt and performing in front of any audience. He's largely retired now, with occasional forays into the Crazy 8s ring. Stryker is sable in color...somewhere in the "sand" range of greys. For more information, check out Stryker's Page.

Made in USABorn: 1-19-2003

Breeder: Catherine Shields, Carousel Malinois


UCDX UAG1 Ivraie du Ciel Rouge CD NA NAJ FMD

Alix, Ali, Ali Babba, Alley Cat, Kitty

Alix: Ivraie du Ciel Rouge "Alix" joined me in June of 1996 from Augusta Farley of Malinois du Ciel Rouge in Patterson, California. She is exceptionally fun to train with her "Can do!" attitude. Alix is a dark red-fawn with minimal blackening.For more information, check out Alix's Page.

Made in USABorn: 4-20-1996
Died: 6-8-2009
Breeder: Augusta Farley, Malinois du Ciel Rouge


UUD UAG2 ONYX Ulu van de Duvetorre TD HTD1sg HRD2s B SCT FMD VCX2

Ulu, Ubu

Ulu: Ulu van de Duvetorre "Ulu" was a lovely and talented Laekenois from Johan Weckhuyzen of kennel van de Duvetorre of Belgium that I co-owned with my friend Charlene Denys. She was quite the character and especially fiendish about tennis balls and tracking. Ulu was a warm red-fawn with slight overlay. For photos, pedigree, and breeding information check out Ulu's Page.

Product of BelgiumBorn: 6-5-1996
Died: 2-4-2012
Breeder: Johan Weckhuyzen, Kennel van de Duvetorre


Beaker LCF

BB, Bebo

Beaker "Beaker" is a marvelous guy I fostered for Malinois Rescue. He is a total hambone, and loves playing with anything that can be thrown. Beaker is a rich red flame with overlay. For photos and bio information visit Beaker's Page.

Product of USABorn: 3-12-2002
Adopted: 10-21-2007


Red Rivers Chain Reaction RN LCFX

Link, Linky, Linkaroni, Twinkie

Link: Red Rivers Chain Reaction "Link" joined the family early 2003 from Mike Barger of Red River Malinois in Sacramento, California. His rich red color and beautiful high mask draw the eye...but it was his intense, focused work that prompted comments. For more information, check out Link's Page.

Made in USABorn: 11-15-2002
Died: 6-6-2007
Breeder: Mike Barger, Red River Malinois




Idol: Idol from Dany Maison "Idol" came to play, work, and retire with me in 2001. Idol was a beautiful and accomplished boy, with an impressive working and show resume, and a heart of gold. Idol was imported by Augusta Farley. For more information, check out Idol's Page.

Product of FranceBorn: 9-13-1994
Died: 4-24-2004
Breeder: Dany Maison,


Robbie de St. Joost PH1 B CD CGC Narc AAT

Robbie, Dobbie, Berto

Robbie: Robbie de St. Joost "Robbie" is the dog who set my standard for resilience, recovery, stability, and versatility in a Belgian. Robbie was a Dutch import with a beautiful "red flame" coat. You can read more about him at Robbie's Page.

Product of the NetherlandsBorn: 12-10-1987
Died: 2-14-2000
Breeder: Unknown



The Malinut Page is the product of Jona Decker and the 'Nuts of south central Wisconsin.


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