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UAG1 UCDX Ivraie du Ciel Rouge NA NAJ CD FMD 1/3 TN-N

Born 4-20-96
Died 6-08-09

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The word Ivraie is colloquial French for "morning glory." I chose the name because of its historical significance in the Malinois world and because I was living in New Orleans at the time, and thought a Cajun-French name would be appropriate. The letter "I" is not an easy one to work with when naming a dog!

Her call name Alix referred to her "helper" personality (Alexander means "helper of mankind"). She firmly believed you’ll be better off if you allow her to help with any job, whether it is doing the laundry or mixing a batch of cookies.

Alix ruptured her achilles tendon at 18 months, which greatly impacted her ability to do physical things and remain sound. Compounding that, at age five she was diagnosed with ehrlichia, which my vet and I believed we had licked. I learned later that we did not. The damage from the disease meant that Alix had great days and awful days…and we just had to play it by ear and enjoy the time we had. Ultimately, ehrlichiosis contributed to Alix developing myelofibrosis–essentially a scarring of the bone marrow, leading it to produce less blood cell lines.

Alix trained in schutzhund, AKC events (agility, obedience, tracking), and French ring, and for certification in scentwork. Because of her injury and health problems. She had a lot of force of personality and power. At the same time (and probably as a consequence of her force of personality), her injuries often sidelined us. She never quit, and in good conscience I couldn’t ask her to work when she was hurting.

I’d heard conflicting reports about Malinois bitches before I got Alix–some said they are the "girlscouts" of the dog world, always tattling on the other dogs, and a bit snobby. Others said they are "bitchy" and work on their own agenda. Neither description fit Alix. I think that she aspired to be a drill sargeant–rather literal, very diligent, and utterly serious when on task. My HUAA girl. Off task she was a cut-up–a little Bart Simpson with a devilish streak of humor.

Special thanks to breeder Augusta Farley for this one out of Aaron v.d. Breuker Heide SchH3 IPO3 FH CGC & Toxic du Colombophile.


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