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Entry: Malinut
Pronunciation: "mal’-i-nut"
Function: noun
Date: 1995
1: affectionate name for the variety of a breed of squarely built working dogs known as the Belgian Shepherd, having relatively short hair with a dense undercoat, fawn to red with black points and overlay. Characterized by their zeal for life and sense of humor.
2: a fancier of the Belgian Malinois.
Called also: Malinois, Mechelaar, Mechelse Herder, Belgian Shepherd
Etymology: French, one from Malines (from Malines (Mechelen), Belgium.) Old High German, nuz nut and perhaps Latin nux nut.

-Merriam Woofster


The Malinut Page is the product of Jona Decker and the 'Nuts of south central Wisconsin.


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