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Abbr. Full Title Description
Certificate Level
B/BH Begleithunde Test of Companion Dog Obedience and Traffic Sureness
WH Wachthunde Watchdog Certificate. Similar to B, with object guard and building guard tests.
AD Ausdauerprufung Endurance Test (12.5 miles). Dog is jogged alongside a handler on bike. Dogs have a 15 minute rest period at approximately miles 6 and 9, where they are inspected by the judge for fatigue or lameness. After the completion of the test, the judge may require the dog to perform a few basic obedience exercises to assess ability to work when fatigued.
Trial Level
SchH1*, IPO1 Schutzhund 1 The basic Schutzhund test, consisting of tracking, obedience, and protection (phases A, B, & C resp.)
SchH2, IPO2 Schutzhund 2 The intermediate Schutzhund Test, consisting of same three phases as schutzhund 1, with slightly elevated difficulty.
SchH3, IPO3 Schutzhund 3 The advanced Schutzhund Test, consisting of the same three phases as schutzhund 1, with more difficult tests.
OB1 Obedience 1 Obedience-Only Test at the SchH1 Level
OB2 Obedience 2 Obedience-Only Test at the SchH2 Level
OB3 Obedience 3 Obedience-Only Test at the SchH3 Level
TR1 Tracking 1 Tracking-Only Test at the SchH1 Level
TR2 Tracking 2 Tracking-Only Test at the SchH2 Level
TR3 Tracking 3 Tracking-Only Test at the SchH3 Level
FH1 Faehrtenhund 1 Advanced Tracking Dog Test
FH2 Faehrtenhund 2 Advanced Tracking Dog Test two (longer and more rigorous than FH1)

*Titles marked with an asterisk are the minimum criteria to meet breeding requirements for litter registration within the United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USA) and Schaferhunde Verein (SV) registries for German Shepherds. Neither USA nor the SV will register litters if both parents do not possess at least a SchH 1 title or HGH (Herding title) and a-stamped or OFA Fair or better hips. (See International Hip Evaluations).


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