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Abbr. Full Title Description
Certificate Level
BTr Brevet The Brevet is the introductory test of obedience and protection work, to assess character, courage, trainability, and suitability for work.
Trial Level
MR1 Mondioring 1 The basic Mondioring test, consisting of obedience, agility, and protection.
MR2 Mondioring 2 The intermediate Mondioring test, consisting of same three phases as Ring 1, with slightly elevated difficulty.
MR3 Mondioring 3 The advanced Mondioring Test, consisting of the same three phases as Ring 1, with more difficult tests.

Mondioring is an attempt to "level the playing field" for dogs trained in any protection sport. For this reason, exercises in Mondio may resemble exercises in other sports (schutzhund, ring) but will have their own unique flavor. To accomodate all sports, handlers may request that the decoy present the arm for all protection exercises in the brevet and I levels. Also, dogs may guard rather than recall except at the III level when they must out and recall.

In the U.S., Mondio is still in its infancy. The United States Mondioring Association chose to make the entry level into Mondio the "Brevet" class rather than requiring a dog to enter the Mondio level equivalent to their titles in other sports. Dogs are welcome to enter at the level their dog has achieved (i.e. a FR3 may enter MR3 class), however, the difficulty and novelty of Mondio recommends starting at the beginning.

Mondio has bits of pieces of different dog sports encompassed within, and the exercises at each level are predictable only in their unpredictability. Each trial is setup along a "theme" and the decoys, judges, competitors, and the exercises and field itself are outfitted to match that theme.


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