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Abbr. Full Title Description
PH1 Politiehond 1 Police Dog 1. The PH 1 Examination consists of waterwork, obedience, scentwork, and protection.
PH2 Politiehond 2 Police Dog 2. The PH 2 Examination
consists of the same four phases: waterwork, obedience, scentwork, and protection, but at a higher level than the PH 1.
ObjBW Objectbewakinghond Guard Dog Certification. The ObjBW examination was developed in response to the need for a certification of dogs used as security dogs, or for guarding of property. This test is similar to, but somewhat easier than, the PH1, without any waterwork.
SpH Speurhond Tracking Dog. The SpH Examination is intended as a certifier for dogs used for police tracking work. The difficult nature of the test results in a failure rate of about 80%. The test is nearly identical to the obedience and scentwork portions of the PH 1, with additional complex tracking exercises, including three article identification. (Selecting a metal article out of a group of five, corresponding to the scent from a metal key he is given.)
RH Reddingshond Search and Rescue Dog Certification. The RH is intended to certify dogs used primarily for search and rescue in situations wher the victims may be hidden under rubble or lost in wooded areas. The test consists of obedience and waterwork (similar to PH 1), Retrieval of a drowned person from the water, and Search work in rubble. An extra exercise is available for police dogs being used in Urban SAR applications, where a looter is identified, stopped, and transported


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