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Hair on a doorknob

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1 lb peanut butter
1 lb honey
1 lb Mirra Coat powder
1 pint Lixotinic
rolled oats for texture


Mix well, feed large dogs 1-2 TBSP with meals.

Since Lixotinic/Pettinic is nearly impossible to find these days, I’ve stopped mail ordering it and opted for Linatone Plus the last time I made this. Talk about fatty acids! But it sure works well.

I add rolled oats to make a texture approaching cookie dough once cool (it’s rather soupy at room temp), and spoon out gobs with meals. While conceived to help with coat growth, this recipe is also a terrific way to add weight gradually, particularly for those boys that tend to be a little too lean. Whenever I get a rescue in underweight with ratty coat, out comes this recipe.

Words to the wise:

  1. Chunky Peanut Butter (or God forbid, Super Chunky) is a LOT harder to mix.
  2. Mirra Coat power is carob flavored, so this has a nice chocolate/peanut butter smell. If use Mirra Coat but substitute a fish oil based product for Lixotinic, you will have a nauseating combo of peanut butter, chocolate, and fish smell. Red Cell was also a thumbs down (from me, dogs didn’t care).


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