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RATCH ResQ’s Hunt For Red October RI TKN

Born 5-30-10

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Ping is the result of an accidental breeding. Her pedigree is known (ask if you’re curious) and has some nice working dogs in it. I signed on to be a foster-to-adopt with her, and she proved to be so incorrigible she had to stay.

Ping is a big girl at just under 25" and 64 lbs.

Ping dipped her paws into herding, tracking, and nose work as well as being a killer carver on a skateboard as a youngster. Those pursuits were on hold for two years following a TPLO on one leg and stem cell therapy on the other followed by lots of physical therapy. You can see photos from her surgery and physical therapy in her TPLO photoset on Flickr. She’s now back to work in obedience/rally, nose work and barn hunt.


The Malinut Page is the product of Jona Decker and the 'Nuts of south central Wisconsin.


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