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Red Rivers Chain Reaction RN LCFX

Born 11-15-02
Died 6-6-07
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Link was bred by Mike Barger, Red River Malinois, in Sacramento, CA. His dam, Nature des Ducs du Justemont FR1 “Nature” (Nuh-choor), is a French import currently trialing at the FR2 level who now resides with Kadi Thingvall, Dantero Malinois. Link’s sire, Amok ot Vitosha SchH3 IPO3 “Jekyll” is an accomplished sport dog who represented the US on two Belgian Shepherd World Championship teams, one FCI Championship team, and at the Deutsche Meistershaft. Jekyll was also selected by the US MWD program for use in their new breeding program.

Link had a lot of nice working qualities…full bite, fanatic retriever, extreme handler focus, solid scent discrimination skills, with excellent stamina and perseverence working out scent problems. His temperament was on the social side of social neutrality…affectionate and playful with friends but strangers registered barely a blip on his radar until they produced a ball. He was one of the prettiest working dogs I’ve known with his deep red color, extension masking, and square construction. I know that’s not supposed to matter to working dog people, but he was easy on the eyes.

After a rather serious encounter with a tree at high speed, Link retired from protection sports and agility and dipped his paws into herding, lure-coursing, and dock diving with a great deal of enthusiasm, but his primary venue was tracking, particularly variable surface work.


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