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Born: 9-13-1993
Died: 4-24-2004
Pedigree | Health Clearances

Idol (pronounced E’dohl) was bred in France by Dany Maison, and exported to Volker Riedel of Germany (des Teutones) as a young adult where he was a successful working and show dog. Later Idol was imported by Augusta Farley, Malinois du Ciel Rouge, and came to live with me in early 2001 to round out my household.

Idol was an incredibly fun dog to work, with loads of energy in the work, power, athleticism, stability, and incredible bite quality. I did not understand true compulsion to “fill the mouth” until I met Idol. He’s a dog who actually slept with a pillow in a firm full-mouth grip. (Yes, he had his own.) At the same time, he was social and a great breed ambassador–kids, adults, other dogs–all greeted with aplomb.

Idol was a phenomenal working dog, and also a really cool dog to live with.


Read what judges have said about Idol:

Herr Alfred Klapproth (DEU):

Fawn male with beautiful head, parallel head planes and good stop. Medium brown eye, deeply set. Beautifully issued mask. Neck line correct. Movement straight, chest correct spring and depth, beautifully drawn tuckup. Angulation correct front and rear. The dog presents himself well, with flowing movement. Mature, well put together. The dog flips a bit in the front pasterns.

Jörg Schmid (DEU):

Large, strong, very harmonious and correct dog. Scissors bite. Head and body lines proper and correct. Angulation correct. Eyes dark, well-formed and good set. Ears very beautifully formed, well carried and well set. Back level and strong. Coat of good length with good fauve color with charbonage. Mask correct. Movement ground-covering, with good reach and drive.

Amanda McLaren (UK):

Head: Scissor bite w/broken upper incisor. Moderate male head, touch wide in skull, which could be more chiseled under eye. Good flat forehead w/good stop and muzzle giving excellent parallelism. Good pigment. Largish eye of medium color. Ears a little tall and could be slightly closer set. Body: Good neckline, withers. Firm topline. Croup a little sloping. Chest to elbow. Good bone. Well angulated front and rear. Tailset could be better. Front feet a little long. Coat: Good warm fawn. Correct texture and good condition. Gait: Covers ground reasonably well. Movement good in rear. Touch wide coming. Character and Temperament: Excellent. Happy and outgoing character. Overall Impression: Male of good size and substance in excellent condition for age.

Idol has a few kids with webpages of their own…See Kennel Daneskjold in Denmark for kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, breeder of Wasi Broumas’ Lupus in Germany. In the US Nawty, Malinois du Ciel Rouge’s Jesse, and great-grandkids Xtra, Quinn, Bliss, and Pyro.


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