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Foster Dog – “Frisco”


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Frisco’s New Year’s resolution is to find his very own home…

Frisco is young adult, neutered male Malinois with an unknown history. Frisco was found as a stray in Forest Junction, Wisconsin, on Hwy 10. It’s not known if Frisco was dumped or just plain escaped, but no one inquired about him for the nearly two months he was in the shelter.

Frisco is a smallish male at 24″ and a slightly underweight 48 pounds. He has a lovely charcoaled fawn coat and a look that is reminiscent of older American showlines.

Frisco is quite friendly and a bit of a mush, with a distinct tendency to clomp and "flea bite" when excited which makes him a bit too much for households with young kids. He seems to have some previous house experience, as he settles quite nicely and does not counter surf. Frisco crates on command in a vehicle or at home, but does howl when home alone. I’m currently trying out a citronella collar, which has greatly reduced his barking.

He is learning manners and about grooming. Toenail trimming gets two dews down although he tolerates it. Brushing gets two dews up. Bathing is also two dews up, but drying with a forced-air dryer gets mixed reviews.

Frisco enjoys playing with a ball or kong and tugging. He’s a devoted soft toy shredder. While he gets along with most dogs, he can be a bit much with other males. As a fairly recent neuter, this may tone down over the next few months. He definitely overstimulates in busy "dog" environments like dog shows. Frisco showed little interest in pet rabbits but was reported to show "too much interest" in cats at the animal shelter.

Frisco has a distinct tendency to "bunny hop" when running, which worried me initially. After x-rays and consultation showed lovely hips, knees, and lower back, it appears he may have had a soft-tissue injury while he was a stray. Frisco does not appear to be in any pain, and adores bounding around my yard with or without a playmate as you can see in his pictures. As his muscle tone has increased, his gait has improved dramatically. He is somewhat uncoordinated but that is probably just a reflection of his rollicking personality

Frisco’s New Year’s resolution is to find his very own home, perhaps with a female dog playmate, where he can be an active companion. He’s not recommended for households with cats, male dogs, or young children. Frisco is being fostered for the American Belgian Malinois Club’s Belgian Malinois Rescue Program. Prospective adopters will need to fill out the ABMC adoption application and go through the ABMC’s adoption process.


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