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Real World Working Malinuts

This page showcases some of the Malinois that work hard each day to make this a safer, more pleasant place to live. If you have a "real world" working Malinois, please send me e-mail at with your name, department/organization, and a brief bio of yourself and your dog for possible inclusion.

Congrats to the 2005 Award for Canine Excellence (ACE) winners…Two
Belgians were nominated!

Anna and Officer Frank Day, Jr.


Officer Day and Anna have been working together on the Eatonton, Georgia Police Department for two years. Three days after she certified, Anna found $10,000 in cash drug money in a van—three days on the road and she pays for herself and her training!

Anna’s stats include 35 felony arrests, 50 misc drug arrests, 43 DUI’s mostly all for drugs, 2 stolen cars recovered, $65,000 in drug money seized, and 5 drug cars seized.

Frank and Anna are also assigned to a state drug task force and on call anytime.

Rusty CD and Officer Sharon Burke

Rusty and Officer Sharon Burke

Rusty and Officer Burke begann patrolling the streets of Montgomery County, Maryland, in January of 1989. Rusty was an imported Belgian Malinois, from Holland, trained in patrol and narcotics detection. While he was on the street, Rusty was been responsible for over 150 criminal apprehensions, and over a million dollars in street drugs and money seized.

One of Rusty and Officer Burke’s most notable criminal arrests occurred in September, 1994. Three men attempted to carjack a couple who were leaving a night club. The car owner refused to give up his keys, and was shot and killed. His girlfriend was shot five times before the suspects fled on foot. Rusty tracked the suspects from the car to a wooded area, where he found the hiding men, as well as the guns and more ammunition. Rusty received a bronze Medal of Valor for his work.

Never content to rest on his laurels, Rusty was a frequent participant in police dog competitions, including the International Law Enforcement Olympics. In 1992, Rusty won four silver medals for obedience, agility, narcotics, and police service dog categories. Officer Burke and Rusty qualified for the National USPCA Competition by scoring 620 out of 700 points at the PD1 level. Rusty also won the prestigious Award of Canine Excellence (ACE) in the category of Law Enforcement from the AKC in 2000.



Berry is an eight year old Belgian Malinois, imported from Holland, dual-trained in Explosives Detection and Patrol. He and his handler work for the Secret Service, and spend much of their time clearing buildings and vehicles for government officials, including the President of the United
States. Berry has also competed in USPCA competitions, utilizing his patrol skills, as well.

Topper & Pat Grant, DVM

© 1998, Pat Grant

Topper and his handler Pat, a veterinarian, are certified as FEMA Canine Search Specialists. They passed the Basic certification in February of ’94, Advanced in August of ’94, a level they have continually re-certified at since then.

Topper and Pat were mdeployed with CA Task Force 7 to the World Trade Center disaster, and were also deployed in the Oklahoma City bombing, where they searched for survivors in both the Murrah building and neighboring buildings in the first days following the bombing. Other assignments have included the destructive rock fall in Yosemite in ’96 and traditional wilderness searches.

Topper was born in California in November, 1991. He is from a special breeding by Carmen Helgesen, Snowflower Kennels, the primary goal of which was to produce a special Tervuren for Urban SAR. He is decended from 3 generations of herding trial champions. Topper and Pat also participate in recreational AKC activities, earning points towards his breed championship and a CDX.

Topper was honored for his exceptional service by the AKC with an Award for Canine Excellence (ACE) Award.

Topper at Work
Topper at Work
© 1998, Pat Grant

Viktor & Officer J.R. Parrow


Viktor is an 8 year old Belgian Malinois, and a 5 year veteran of the Scottsdale, Arizona Police Department K-9 Unit. His handler, Officer J.R. Parrow, is a 12 year veteran of the force. Viktor is a KNPV PH1 and graduated from the Adlerhorst Police Service Dog academy. Viktor is also a trained SWAT K-9 and holds three separate SWAT certifications. He has competed in various Police K-9 Trials and has always been a crowd pleaser. The team won First Place in the Building Search competition in 1993 at the Tucson Police K-9 Trials.

Viktor’s first ever arrest as a police K-9 was in 1992, when he led Officer Parrow to a Kidnapping Suspect hiding more than 1/4 of a mile from the scene of the crime….What a way to start a career!

His most famous arrest occurred in the summer of 1994. Viktor and Officer Parrow were called from a lazy day at home to assist patrol units in locating a burglary suspect that had fled into a neighborhood on foot after breaking into a home. Viktor found the burglar and the arrest was made without incident. What made this so outstanding is the fact that the burglar was wanted for several other crimes in the state of Colorado and was on parole. He now resides in an Arizona State Prison working off a 35 year sentence!


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