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Broken Wing’s Makin’ A Statement TKN FCAT5 RATM
Born 11-15-2018
PLL, CEA, DM, CDDY DNA clear, CERF ’20, OFA patellas, CHIC Embark profile
10.8 inches, 17 lbs

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  • Embages Fool Hardy

    • Parabar Paratrooper

      • Bellsmond Valentino at Parabar

      • Parabar Pearl

    • Embages Poser

      • Bellsmond Moth

      • Parabar Patter

  • Broken Wing’s Princess Anne

    • Broken Wing’s King Louie

      • Mt. Brook Nigel of Ramblelow

      • Doddline Dahlia

    • Broken Wing’s Queen Victoria

      • CH Doddsline Trevor

      • Lancashire Harley



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